ION Honors Kittle Property Group and Alice Griffith Community with Optimizer Awards


-Awards honor affordable developers committed to reducing water consumption and environmental stewardship-

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — May 15, 2024 – ION today announced the Q1 2024 winners of its Optimizer Awards. Kittle Property Group won the Top Performing Portfolio award, and the Alice Griffith Community in San Francisco won the award for the Most Improved Property. The Optimizer Awards honor affordable developers who are embracing ION’s water optimization platform to reduce water consumption and costs significantly.

“We’re proud to honor Kittle Property Group and Alice Griffith Apartments for their commitment to reducing water consumption and environmental stewardship,” said ION Founder and CEO Jack Howell. “Their commitment to water conservation and sustainable development is helping to create thriving affordable communities across the U.S.”

Kittle Property Group’s leak percentage, the amount of water leaked across their entire affordable and market rate portfolio, on ION’s platform was only 10% in Q1. The industry average leak percentage is 50%, meaning half of the water affordable developers consume and pay for is wasted. Kittle is now consuming only 40 gallons of water per bedroom per day which is less than half the industry average of 100 gallons.

“This recognition is just one example of our commitment to sustainable development,” said Jeff Kittle, President and CEO, Kittle Property Group. “ION’s platform is helping us to reduce water consumption and costs, allowing us to reinvest in the communities we serve.”

The Alice Griffith Community developed by McCormack Baron Salazar, San Fransico Housing Development Corporation and Tabernacle Community Development Corporation includes 377 affordable units in San Francisco’s Bayview area. The community reduced its water consumption by 90% in Q1 2024, going from consuming 120,000 gallons of water per day to only 12,000 gallons.

“Responsible water consumption goes hand-in-hand with the spirit of affordable housing,” said Claudia Brodie, Senior Vice President, McCormack Baron Salazar. “By reducing consumption and costs, we’re able to reinvest in our people and properties while reducing our environmental footprint.”

ION’s water optimization platform improves water efficiencies by identifying and analyzing unit-level water events, pinpointing malfunctions and generating automated work orders to stop water loss before it impacts a property’s operating income. ION can help reduce water consumption and monthly water bills by as much as 60% compared to industry averages.

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ION enables affordable owners and developers to conserve water and reduce expenses by providing actionable water data. Its water optimization platform helps clients reduce water consumption and costs by as much as 70% compared to industry averages. Developers can reinvest savings into properties to improve residents’ quality of life, and lower and more reliable utility costs can dramatically improve net operating income (NOI). For more information, visit

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