ION Launches Initiative to Drastically Reduce Water Consumption in Affordable Housing

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Sept. 20, 2022 — ION launched its 30 by 30 initiative, a nationwide campaign that aims to reduce water consumption by more than 30% in the Affordable Housing market by 2030. Affordable Housing owners and developers can help accomplish this goal by using ION’s water optimization platform that enables properties to use 50% less water than the typical affordable housing property.

“The 30 by 30 initiative addresses two major crises affecting millions across the U.S. – water scarcity and shortage of affordable housing,” said Jack Howell, ION Founder and CEO. “Our platform provides transparent, actionable water consumption data to owners, developers, policymakers, investors and utilities that can be used to optimize water consumption and dramatically reduce costs.”

ION’s water optimization platform improves water efficiencies by identifying and analyzing unit-level water events, pinpointing malfunctions and generating automated work orders to stop water loss before it impacts a property’s operating income. The platform can reduce monthly water bills by as much as 70%.

“Improving water efficiency starts with more effective data. Our technology won’t just tell you when your property has a leak but will also show you what is leaking and where it started,” said Howell. “Our platform has been installed in 80,000 units across the nation, generating 20,000 times more granular data for property owners and developers than any other metering system. The Affordable Housing marketplace could reduce total water consumption by more than 50%, and maintain that efficiency, if every property uses this technology.”

As part of the 30 by 30 campaign, ION is asking property owners, developers and others to join in its mission to reduce water consumption in the affordable housing market by signing onto its 30 by 30 Pledge. ION will also develop and share educational market resources that help affordable housing communities make impactful changes in water consumption for the betterment of their communities.

“We need everyone on board for this vision to come to fruition. The first step is to take the 30 by 30 Pledge and be an advocate for change, not just for the affordable housing industry but for all the communities across the country feeling the detriments of drought and water scarcity,” said Howell. “Reducing water consumption in affordable housing shouldn’t just be an ION goal, but a collective goal. Together, we can make a difference for those who need it most.”

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