Property Sale Impact

Kittle Increases Property Sales Price by $2.8M Using ION’s Water Optimization Platform

Increased NOI Projections

Kittle Property Group deployed ION’s water optimization platform at Bradford Gwinnett Apartments and Townhomes and was able to capture two months of stabilized water consumption data prior to selling the property. The brokers underwrote the platform which provided the data necessary to project a significant reduction in water consumption and costs. The expected reduced annual sewer and water costs increased NOI projections dramatically, resulting in a $2.8M increase in property value and sales price.

ION helped Kittle Property Group to:

Reduce Bradford Gwinnett Apartments and Townhomes water consumption from 100+ gallons per bedroom per day to to less than 50 gallons


Significantly increase NOI projections, resulting in a $2.8M increase in sales price

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